Tasting Notes


Our tasting notes are provided for your convenience. They are done in various settings such as in plain, open tastings or under single-blind conditions (meaning the same category of wines is tasted but the producers are not shown.)

We utilize the 100 point scoring system. Nevertheless, since there are always bottle variations even within a case of wine, it is important to indicate the various scores given to a particular wine tasted in different occasions. Hence for those that we have employed our own scores instead of professional tasters' ratings, you will see a range of scores given to those wines. We only sell fine quality wines; therefore you will most probably not find wines that are scored below 88 points on our price list. Below please find a general guide to interpreting the numerical ratings:
100 equals perfection! Rarely exists...

96-99 is equivalent to an A+. These wines are absolutely outstanding!

93-95 is equivalent to an A. Excellent. Worth looking out for.

90-92 is equivalent to an A-. Very good. Better than most wines on the market.

88-89 is equivalent to a B+. Good. These wines are indeed very drinkable.

Finally, it is important to emphasize the fact that the notes themselves are far more significant than the scores we give. Moreover, rating is rather a subjective matter; only detailed notes can present facts about the wines in question.

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