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Cheval Blanc to drink now

For an estate with such an exalted reputation it comes as something of a surprise to learn that Cheval Blanc’s reputation was acquired relatively recently. The vineyard was first established in the 1830’s and was named Cheval Blanc in 1853. The terroir has more in common with Pomerol than with most of St Emilion and there are three distinct soil types within its thirty-seven hectares. Over half of the vineyard is planted to Cabernet Franc which thrives in the warm microclimate here, the balance being Merlot. Cabernet Sauvignon has been tried but was not a success. Old Bordeaux hands claim that Cheval Blanc enjoys a wider drinking window than other wines of its class. The structure and tannins that the Cabernet Franc imposes means that its opulence and perfume are best appreciated after some age.

Format Rating Regular Price Special Price
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1970 750ML WS91 $3,950 $3,755
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1970 (Capsule Damage) 750ML WS91 $3,850 $3,650
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1975 (Label Damaged) 750ML - $3,850 $3,650
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1979 750ML - $3,500 $3,325
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1982 750ML WS 96 $6,900 $6,555
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1989 750ML WS 93 $4,500 $4,275

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