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Focus on Bordeaux 1976

Memories of the heat of the European summer of 1976 linger long with those who experienced it. Bordeaux endured almost drought like conditions for much of the year and hopes were high for a classic vintage but the rain which arrived in mid-September made things a great deal more complicated. The timing of the harvest dictated the style, quality and longevity of the wines. Many properties picked their grapes in the middle of the heavy rains which lasted from 11 to 15 of September. Some chateau owners had the confidence to wait until October to harvest and some of them were rewarded for their patience. The best wines have levels of acidity which has kept them fresh as they have matured while showing the luscious, supple fruit typical of the vintage.

To enjoy this offer, the minimum order is $1,500 (mix case allowed)

Format Regular
Canon La Gaffeliere - St. Emilion 1976 1 bottle left! 750ML $1,190 $1,090
La Fleur Petrus - Pomerol 1976 750ML $1,500 $1,450
Haut Brion - Graves 1976 750ML $2,900 $2,850
Cheval Blanc - St. Emilion 1976 750ML $2,980 $2,890
Ausone - St. Emilion 1976 (label damaged) 1 bottle left! 750ML $3,900 $3,790
Lafite - Pauillac 1976 730ML $5,500 $4,950
Petrus - Pomerol 1976 (US label) 3L $65,000 $63,500
Valid until 1 October 2017 and while stock lasts
Deliveries will be free of charge for over HK$1,500 purchase